Our turn-key casino package includes support for a range of languages so you can attract customers from the Europe and Asia. Real-time analysis and statistics also help you track the success of your promotions or advertising campaigns. Pick our cash payment package if your local laws allow for real gambling online, or create a casino with virtual currency and earn revenue by selling access to extra features. Your iGaming site will always remain secure, encouraging players to spend money without fear.

Contact us by phone or e-mail and our knowledgeable support team will promptly respond to your request.

Full System Customization

We completely customize the look and feel of your online casino


Account Management

•  View and manage player accounts

•  Manage balance and view transaction history


Multi-Language/Multi-Currency Support

•  Our system supports as many languages or currencies as you wish to add Real or Virtual Money play

•  Users can play with real money or fun money

•  Custom bonus offers and games


•  View Real-Time income reports

•  View user playing history

•  View deposits by currency

•  Monitor user won/loss statistics

•  View login and activity history


Risk Management

•  Different security measures to track fraud

•  Auto-lock accounts

•  Tracking customer behavior

•  Account limit

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