Our social games are a mix of affluent, animated edge with the viral advertising platforms of MSN, Yahoo and Facebook social networking sites.


HTML5 or Flash social games are always an efficient way to get the interest of the audience. Achieving an excellent web media experience is possible especially when advertising a game in sites like Yahoo, Facebook and all the other social media sites. Such entities assist the advertisers, brand marketers and game developers to meet millions of people effectively.


We offer superior quality, communicative cross-platform social games on request at a contained budget within the agreed time. Our services assist the organizations, corporations, businesses to advertise their games on web portals, social networking sites, Android powered phones, iPad and iPhones.

Comprehensive experience

With a comprehensive experience in building games and efficient solutions we assist with range of genres and styles. Social media networking sites present organizations, businesses and corporations an efficient prospect to expand the social games in a relatively fast way.


We will help you in setting up and get an effective network exposure to complement and hasten the viral distribution. We assist all the online marketers and brand promoters to reach various people on the globe with the help of social networking channels and ensure that distribution costs are controlled.


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