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iSOFTGaming is bringing innovation to the gambling industry by connecting the traditional casino table games with popular lotteries.


The players experience real Live action with games starting every 3 to 5 minutes adding more excitement to the games. The professional presenters guide the players throughout the whole game giving them a personalised experience with their friendly and charming approach. The chat facility enables the player to have a direct interaction with the presenter.


That's not all...


We have accumulated a vast experience in the gambling business, working only with the best technologies which are duly tested, reliable and set to meet the highest quality standards.

Products Overview


“Lucky 5”- is a game which combines traditional betting with the popular lottery and consists of having 36 numbered balls in 4 different colors.

“Lucky 7”- is a game which combines traditional betting with the popular lottery. The game consists in having 42 numbered balls, half of which are black and the other half are yellow.

“Bet on Baccarat”- rules and gameplay are very similar to the Standard Baccarat (referred also to as Punto Banco)

“Bet On Poker”- Poker is a real-time game having rules and procedures very similar to the “Texas Hold'em Poker”

“Dices”- is a unique and dynamic betting game for intrepid players. The presenter throws 5 hexahedral dices with numbers from 1 to 6.



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“Live Bingo”

“Bet On Sic-Bo ”


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