Live Dealer Platform

At iSOFTGaming we are very flexible and do our outmost best to satisfy the customer’s needs efficiently. We can supply all the essentials to broadcast an existing gaming table (from a land based Casino).


All our hardware integrates seamlessly with real casino tables giving the online player a more vivid sensation and thrill of the game, while maintaining a secure connection to our Gaming Services, broadcasting your results in real-time anywhere on your network. Installation times can vary according to the needs and specifications of the land based casino but usually this process is conducted efficiently in a timely manner.


Our software solutions can integrate directly to your existing database, thus withholding none of your existing tools and data. We maintain strict controls on code releases and assess all updates through a strict testing and rollback method, ensuring that your operation has no negative impact.


We offer a complete administration management interface for the Casino Owners, management and relevant employees to run efficiently your Casino Gaming Solution.

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