Betting Shops Setup

The sophisticated modern all-in one POS system, includes printer and scanner services enabling betting shop owners to conduct their business professionally.


The whole process of betting is supported in the most secure and cost-effective way, from the moment of accepting the customers’ bets to the settling of winning slips. Real-time automatic updates are available on all events preventing human errors and data inconsistencies from occurring.


The whole system is setup to allow the scanning and processing of customised OMR (optical magnetic recognition) or Mark-Sense and hand written bets, again preventing the risk of errors. It can be installed in an unlimited number of terminals and is fully integrated with a centralised accounting system which minimises risk and allows full control over the betting and settling processes.



Our Self-service terminals accept coins, bank notes and provide the customers with a user-friendly interface, allowing them to browse different events and markets prior to placing their bets in a secure and efficient way.


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