The setup of a stand-alone online casino is generally a challenging, intricate, and time-consuming process which can easily take up to 5 months for development. Several software elements need to be acquired, customized, integrated and managed to launch an online casino. Since several software elements are usually coming from different sources (e.g.: games from Microgaming and the casino affiliate software from Playtech), alot of negotiations and adjustments are required until the casino is ready.

Some turnkey casino providers are pure system integrators without own software, some others provide also pieces of own software. The more software sources are involved, the more complex is the management of the casino setup process.


Our Backoffice, provides all functions such as financial management (e.g. player and affiliate payments), technical maintenance, player support, player retention and more so you can focus on your marketing activities.


We are able to provide different payment gateways and thus leaving the choice in the hands of our customers.

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